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cosmetic dental treatment with porcelain veneers and teeth whitening

Cosmetic Dentistry

At Hobbs Dentistry of Augusta, we want our patients to enjoy smiling! We know that how each individual feels about their smile plays an important role in how they interact with their friends, family and co-workers on a daily basis.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry describes dental procedures that are focused on enhancing the appearance of your smile. Treatments include a variety of options from teeth whitening and cosmetic tooth bonding to complete smile makeovers with custom dental veneers and crowns.

Cosmetic dental services address smile imperfections, such as:

  • Chipped teeth or cracked tooth surfaces (craze lines)
  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Short teeth or ‘gummy’ smile
  • Unappealing tooth size or shape
  • Missing teeth

Cosmetic dental treatments often provide the added benefit of improving oral health. A ceramic crown, for example, is designed to give a tooth a naturally bright, smooth appearance. The crown also serves an important purpose by protecting the existing tooth structure to help prevent fracture and tooth decay.

Since 2001, Augusta general and cosmetic dentist Dr. Rebecca Hobbs has helped many patients change their smile with cosmetic dental services. Our goal is to share information and recommendations with you to achieve the healthy, confident smile you deserve.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments available at Hobbs Dentistry include:

Teeth whitening (also called teeth bleaching) is a simple and safe way to brighten your smile.

Using custom mouth trays and professional strength whitening gel, your teeth can become several shades lighter by applying the gel a few times per week for about 30 minutes. Learn more about Teeth Whitening.

Composite Bonding & Fillings

Composite filling materials are made of a combination of synthetic dental resins and are available in a wide range of shades to match natural tooth structure. The light-activated ingredients form an adhesive bond to tooth enamel to fill small gaps and repair other minor tooth damage. This procedure is commonly known as cosmetic dental bonding.

While not as durable as cosmetic dental veneers and crowns, dental bonding materials are well suited for correction of small tooth defects. Dr. Hobbs often recommends cosmetic dental bonding procedures for smoothing chipped tooth edges and subtle shaping of front teeth to create a more uniform smile appearance.

Cosmetic dental veneers are layered ceramic coverings that are adhered to front teeth to create a smooth, lustrous appearance.

Dental veneers reflect light in a similar fashion to natural teeth (a characteristic known as translucency). Your custom veneers are hand crafted by a dental laboratory based on Dr. Hobbs' instructions in a shade selected to complement your smile.

Dr. Hobbs may recommend cosmetic dental veneers for patients that would like to make dramatic changes to their smile, or to conceal flaws such as discolored or imperfectly shaped teeth. They make a great combination with cosmetic ceramic crowns to create a seamlessly beautiful smile makeover.

Do you have one or more existing dental crowns that you have trouble keeping clean or you are just unhappy with how they look?

Cosmetic dental crowns serve multiple purposes; they may be used to replace an old crown that has become worn or discolored, or, to restore a tooth that does not have enough remaining healthy tooth structure to support a cosmetic dental veneer.

In contrast to a dental veneer, a dental crown completely covers the tooth surface above the gum line. Full tooth coverage helps to create a strong, natural-looking smooth surface that is easy to clean.

Cosmetic dental crowns are designed by Dr. Hobbs to meet your goals for your new smile and to support proper bite function.

Replacement of Missing Teeth with Dental Implant Restorations & Dental Bridges

Missing teeth create gaps in your smile and can also cause health problems for other teeth. When a tooth is missing, surrounding teeth will move towards the open space. This movement causes the teeth to shift out of alignment, increasing the risk of broken teeth or even further tooth loss.

If you have one or more missing teeth, Dr. Hobbs may recommend replacement with a dental bridge or a dental implant restoration. If you currently wear a denture, Dr. Hobbs can design a cosmetic denture that is attached to dental implants (a procedure known as all-on-four or all-on-six). Denture patients that have switched to implant dentures tell us that the cost of dental implants is well worth the life-changing difference they make! Learn more about dental implants.

Clear orthodontics with Invisalign® offers our patients the ability to straighten their teeth without the hassle of wires and brackets.

No ‘hardware’ means you can continue to enjoy the foods you love with the convenience of the removable plastic aligners. Learn more about Invisalign®.

Dr. Hobbs can use Botox® Cosmetic as part of your smile makeover to smooth out wrinkles and frown lines to complement beautiful cosmetic veneers and crowns.

Schedule Your Cosmetic Consultation with Hobbs Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry begins with a complete dental examination and consultation with restorative and cosmetic dentist Dr. Rebecca Hobbs. Our local dental office is near the Augusta University campus. Contact Us to schedule your new patient appointment and get started on your new smile today!

smile transformation with orthodontics and cosmetic dental bonding

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