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restore teeth to healthy function with dental implants and crowns

Restorative & Reconstructive Dentistry

At Hobbs Dentistry of Augusta, there is no such thing as a broken smile! Today it is possible to restore function and beauty to your smile with dental treatments such as dental implants, fillings, crowns, bridges and dentures.

Are you looking for an Augusta Reconstructive Dentist Near You?

Family and cosmetic dentist Dr. Rebecca Hobbs has years of experience and training in helping patients renew and re-claim their smile with restorative dentistry and dental implants.

Restorative and Reconstructive Dental Services available at Hobbs Dentistry include:

A dental filling may be used to repair a small defect in tooth enamel caused by tooth decay or to smooth minor chips in the tooth surface. After the area is prepared, a dental composite (white) filling material is shaped to fit the tooth and bonded in place using an adhesive process.

Composite filling materials are available in natural tooth shades to blend with your smile. Composite fillings (also known as dental bonding) are a popular cosmetic dental procedure.

A dental crown may be needed when the damage to tooth enamel or the underlying tooth structure is extensive, placing the tooth at risk of fracture if it is not restored.

The crown is used to rebuild and completely cover the tooth above the gum line. Full crown coverage helps to protect the tooth and make it easier to keep clean.

Dentistry is an art as well as a science! Dr. Hobbs will design your custom crown using a combination of materials to properly support your bite and smile appearance. Our dental laboratory will fabricate the crown based on her instructions from clinically approved metals (zirconium and other high-quality metals), ceramic or a combination of materials.

A dental bridge replaces a missing tooth with a ‘false’ (prosthetic) tooth that is anchored on either side by crowns on adjacent teeth. It is a fixed appliance that can be kept clean with regular brushing, floss aids and routine visits to see the dentist and hygienist.

A bridge is designed by Dr. Hobbs and fabricated at the dental laboratory for a custom fit. As with crowns, the shape and shade of the replacement teeth are carefully selected to match your natural teeth or other restorations.

Dental implants are generally the preferred option for replacement of one or more missing teeth. A bridge may be recommended, however, in cases where space is limited or there is not enough bone or soft tissue to support the appearance or stability of a dental implant.

Implant Restorations for Tooth Replacement & Denture Stabilization

Dental implants have become the treatment standard for replacement of missing teeth and are also recommended for use with complete and partial dentures.

A dental implant is a small titanium cylinder that is surgically placed in the jaw bone to replace the lost tooth root. Like other types of implants, dental implants are designed to integrate with bone (a healing process known as osseointegration). An integrated dental implant serves as a foundation for a crown or other restoration.

Multiple implants (i.e., all on four, all on six) are commonly used with complete and partial dentures to lock the appliance in place for a secure fit. Learn more about dental implants.

Are you ready to learn more about Reconstructive and Implant Dentistry?

The first step to achieving your new smile is a complete dental examination. During this appointment, Dr. Hobbs will examine your teeth and talk with you about treatment options with your goals in mind.

We make it easy to get the dental care you need! Our friendly team will assist you with questions about dental insurance, financing and scheduling. Contact Hobbs Dentistry of Augusta to schedule your new patient visit today.